Volunteers rescue stranded dolphin on Irish beach

Marine rescuers responded to an Irish beach to assist a stranded dolphin that needed a lift back into the deeper waters.

Animal rescue charity ORCA Ireland said volunteers responded to Magheroarty Beach in County Donegal on Monday when members of the public reported a Risso’s dolphin was stranded in the sand.

The group said in a Facebook post that the dolphin was doing poorly and was in urgent need of a return to the water.

The post included photos of the volunteers removing seaweed from the dolphin’s body and using a sling to carry it back into the water.

“The calf was successfully refloated and given another chance at life,” the post said.

ORCA Ireland said the dolphin might be ill and is in danger of getting stranded again, so the public is being asked to keep an eye out for distressed dolphins and report them to the group.