Girl finds lost wedding ring in sea at Woolacombe Beach, England

An 11-year-old girl found a gold wedding ring while swimming at a beach in Devon, England, and tracked down the owner on Facebook.

Imogen Tite found the ring at Woolacombe Beach after diving under a wave and running her hands along the sand, The Daily Mail reported.

She initially thought the ring belonged to her father.

“I instinctively looked down to check my wedding finger, but I take mine off in the seas, as the cold water can make your fingers shrink,” Andrew Tite said.

Upon closer inspection, they discovered the ring was engraved with “James and Rebecca, 25.10.03” and posted a message on social media in hope of finding the owner.

Meanwhile, James Mizrahi was looking for the ring, which he lost two days before while bodyboarding with his wife, Rebecca.

“A lady on Facebook happened to see both my found status and Rebecca’s lost post in a local Devon based group and matched us together,” Andrew Tite said, according to the Daily Mail.

The ring was returned to its owner in Loughborough in the East Midlands.